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          !!! IMPORTANT !!!      READ BELOW      !!! IMPORTANT !!!

  • Product Support Notice . - IP Office IP500 V2 systems with self-signed certificates generate a warning about expiry in Manager and the display of 96x1 telephones. If assistance is needed please contact us for support.
  • Product Correction Notice - Clicking Noise On Analog Trunks - ATM4U v2 - Combo Card v2
  • IPO 500v2 units identified as PCS 14 and below must first install 9.0 and then install 9.1 - Read More
  • Always check Windows Firewall is OFF before upgrading IP Office.
  • To change the announcement recordings for a hunt group, dial *91xx, xx being the extension of the hunt group. If they have 2 announcements, dial *92xx to access that recording.
  • Embedded voicemail has been defaulted to 'IP Office Mode'. This needs to be changed to 'Intuity Mode' under the System>>Voicemail tab during install.
  • In 9.1 a default has been added that needs to be removed during install. Uncheck 'Inhibit Off-Switch Forward/Transfer' located 'System>>Telephony' on the right side midway down.
  • In Basic mode, #128 is the shortcode to disable the Network Time Sync if the time is changing with incoming calls. You can then set the time/date without it changing.
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